Contemporary with The Corset Top Fashion Style

Corset top fashion style in early to mid-2021, when people around the world started implementing the new normal and started going out of the house, there was a fashion trend that was on the rise and is now being worn by women from all over the world, namely the corset top. As we know, a corset is a garment that has a smaller section on the waist and stomach to give the appearance of a slimmer or slimmer body. However, the corset top or corset top that is now worldwide has evolved corset top fashion style and has been created for various top models. In fact, if corsets are known as tops that can only be worn by women who don’t wear the hijab, now there are various models of corset tops that can be worn by hijabs, you know!
The origins of this fashion trend are not very clear. However, the Netflix original series Bridgerton has a role to play in resurfacing this trend. This is because the setting in the series presents an ancient setting where Western people often wore corsets on their dresses. However, it is not fashion if it does not have a touch of new innovations that are creative and unique. Corsets that are currently on the rise are those that are more casual and are not tied to a dress, so they become loose tops that reveal more of the body in the abdomen. So, to get to know more about corset top fashion trends and their innovations, let’s take a look at these various looks!

1. Sleeveless

The corset top most commonly worn by young people today is sleeveless or sleeveless. What’s more, modern corset tops are tapered at the hem, exposing the waist.

2. Camb

Apart from being sleeveless, there are also tops with a tank top model. This model is like a corset model in general, but worn not as an undergarment, but as a top. Motives like the one in the photo can also be an important point, making a plain top pop out.

3. Short sleeves

If you are not confident in wearing a sleeveless shirt, there are also corset tops with short sleeves. In fact, now there are many variations of short sleeve corsets such as puffy sleeves or lace sleeves, to Sabrina sleeves, which create a square neck look from the flat top of the shirt.

4. Long sleeves

The square neck look of the corset can also be achieved with long sleeves. In addition, corsets with long sleeves can also be. Form a v-neck look like the one worn by the model in the photo. Because the upper part is already ‘heavy’ with a lot. Of fabric, the bodice is trimmed more, showing a cropped look.

5. Knitting

Make no mistake, the corset top can also be varied in knit materials. As worn by the K-Pop Idol Lisa Blackpink. She wears a knit top with a turtle neck collar and long sleeves that form a tapered, corset below.

6. Hijabs

So, because so far the corset top has been. Seen shows a lot of skin, can it be worn by hijabs? Don’t get me wrong! This sleeveless corset like the one worn by Hodan Yousuf can really be worn by hijabers! Just wear a corset over another big shirt like a shirt, then mix it with your favorite pants or skirt.