6 Shades Lip Cream Hanasui Boba

Lip Cream Hanasui Boba Edition can give you an exciting experience using lipstick but feels like enjoying boba drinks, you know. Not only that, this lip cream from Hanasui also has a series of beautiful shades that are suitable for you to use every day or for important events. Intrigued by the product?

Boba fans can enjoy the experience of using a lip cream with the scent of Boba drink on their lips all day long. No need to worry about dry lips, because the formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Olive Oil which hydrates the skin of the lips. Intrigued by the product?

Here are 6 shades of Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream for you to try

1. Boba Forest Berry.

As the name implies, this lip cream has a fresh and soft berry pink color. The resulting pink color is not so bright or dark. This pink color will be very pretty if used on light or pale skin tones. This shade will be perfect for producing a pinkish makeup look that seems natural. However, if the color is too light for your skin, you can use this shade as a base ombre lipstick.

2. Hanasui Boba Brown Sugar, a Beautiful Brown Color

For lovers of nude color and natural makeup looks, this color will be your favorite. Boba Brown Sugar has a soft brownish-orange color with a nude impression. Thus, this lip cream will give a natural-looking appearance but still have a clear color. Hanasui Boba Brown Sugar is suitable for various skin tones, whether you have white, olive, or brown skin. This shade is also suitable for you to wear every day. Even for those of you who are still in college and school because of the natural results.

3. Hanasui Boba Salted Caramel, The Best Color for Ombre Lips

Are you a lover of ombre lips? Or are you looking for a good, non-drying ombre lip cream base? Boba Salted Caramel from Hanasui can be the right choice. Hanasui Boba Salted Caramel is the perfect nude color for an ombre lips base. This lip cream has a combination of brown and beige which is quite bright and tends to be pale.

You can ombre Hanasui Boba Salted Caramel with a variety of bold colors, one of which can be with Forest berry shades to get a natural and bright finish. Guaranteed your appearance will be sweet all day long. You can also choose Hanasui Boba Salted Caramel if you want a natural look or combine it with a bold eye makeup look, this will be the color that suits you and makes your appearance look calm and elegant.

4. Hanasui Boba Pink Lava, a Natural Soft Pink Color

For those of you with neutral and cool undertones, this shade will suit you. Try using the Boba Pink Lava shade from Hanasui to make your face look one level brighter. This shade is perfect for those of you who want to look fresh without looking too heavy. You can combine this lip cream with a pink blush to make your makeup look fresh and feminine. For owners of warm undertone skin, this shade tends to look pale. So, you can work around this by using it as a base for ombre lips. Pair it with dark pink or red for a beautiful ombre lips color.

5. Hanasui Boba Creamy Peach, Makes You Look Younger

This Creamy Peach Boba produces a peachy-nude color that is suitable for all skin tones. This shade is an orange color with hints of light brown, a fresh neutral nude color, not too pale and not too dark. This lip cream is suitable for you to mix with coral or orange blush-on and eye shadow. This will produce a makeup look that makes you look younger and fresher.

6. Hanasui Boba Hazelnut Latte, for A Dazzling Bold Look

For bold lip cream lovers, you might like this Hazelnut Latte shade. This shade produces a dark brown color but not too dark. Hanasui Boba Hazelnut Latte is a versatile color, so it can be used to share a variety of looks. This shade can be used for a natural look because it is classified as nude, but it is also suitable for your more glamorous and elegant makeup look because it can be made bold. This shade produces colors that can be used for all occasions.

Tips for using the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream to make it flawless and long-lasting. So that the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream that you use is flawless and lasts longer.

  • Exfoliate the lip skin first
    In order for the results to be smooth and for the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream that you use to stick even better, you need to exfoliate your lips first to remove all dead skin cells, including dry skin that is hard and easily peels off. Exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub or a mixture of honey and sugar gently, making sure you rub it gently all over your lips. After all dead skin cells and dry skin are gone, rinse with water until clean.
  • Hydrate and moisturize lips to make them more ready
    After exfoliating, don’t forget to hydrate and re-moisturize your lips. You can use lip serum or lip balm. Wait for the lip balm to completely absorb for a few minutes then apply the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream. Do not apply the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream immediately after using the lip balm because it will make it difficult for the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream to stick properly.
  • Use powder to make it last longer
    After applying the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream, take a tissue and cover your lips with the tissue. After that, pat your lips using a brush or sponge that has been given loose powder. Keep tapping all over the lips until they are even. The fine grains of powder will penetrate the tissue and stick to the lips and then cover the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream that you have used so that it is more sticky and durable. After that, remove the tissue and then apply the Hanasui Boba Edition lip cream to your lips once again.